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Available for local projects In the Toledo Ohio Area,  as well as potential employment opportunities. Rates are negotiable, but will depend on Travel and concept.  Use the form to inquire about rates and availability, or just to Ask any questions.


  Where are you located?   

I Am located in Toledo ohio, On the street of Meadowwood Near Central Ave and Secor, Near the University of Toledo.

  Do you allow guests/escorts?   

While i am usually Against Models bringing Company, i do allow New clients to come with At least one other person to accompany them during the session, no more no less. 

  Do you give out all unedited images from a shoot?   

Nope! I understand some models/clients have worked with others who provide ALL images, and some chosen edits. Please understand, everybody does things differently. I do not give out unedited photos. I place your unedited photos in a gallery for you to choose the ones you want edited. I want our photos showcased in the best light, in a final draft form, not the rough drafts. Think quality over quantity! 

  How do I view and choose my photos?  

After we shoot, I either have the Model join me in reviewing the photos on a projector so they at least know which photos they like and which ones they do not like, or if they cannot stay for long after the session i start edoiting once they leave. if we go over the photos together and finish choosing your favorites for editing, and I will begin the editing process. Your beautifully edited photos will be sent to your email and you can use them as you wish! Depending on the day of the session, i give a garuantee that you will gain your edits back either the next day or a few days later! 

  Do you charge by the hour?  

Nope! I charge by the look/outfit change and edit.

  What does 1 look consist of?  

1 look = 1 outfit change. 

  Do you shoot groups?   

Unfortunately, I no longer shoot groups. Only up to a pair/couple is allowed. 

  Do you shoot kids/teens?  

Sadly, No. I do not. Only Adults. 

  Do you accept CashApp?  

I no longer accept CashApp  But i do accept  Paypal; I send invoices for deposits, shoot totals and for extra edit requests. 

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