About the Photographer

When i Started, Music was my first passion, it was something that i was looking to invest in because it was what i loved to study and love to work on. throughout the years i started interest in other art forms, Drawing, Theater, And mostly, Photography. i Honestly  didn't think I would be able to invest in Photography, despite My curiosity in it. I used to Research on many different photographers, Nature to Glamour and Fashion, but more as a hobby, not a career path. it wasn't til my musical Path Started to slowly disintegrate that i started Investing More into Photos than the Music. It wasn't Until My depression and Anxiety issues that Picking up a camera and putting down a notebook of rhymes that i realize this was hidden in me the whole time. my love in general of this art.

Ever heard of the expression, "Make Your Hobby Your Job and You'll never work a Day in your Life"? that expression is very Vivid for me. This Passion and Talent of My Visual Eye is something that turned out to be the best thing to happen to me. and while it's still growing, it's helped me break barriers of myself not to mention the people that surrounds me.

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Types of Work

I Photograph only Fashion, Cosplay, Boudoir and Glamour, Professional head shots, Promotional, and Editorial Portraiture.


If you wish to book an appointment with me, please Use the Contact Form Or send me an email:

Mrs. A:

"A blast to work with! Can make you smile for that perfect picture! Very respectable and a very fast turn around! I definitely recommend booking with him!!"

Mrs. H:

"Such a nice guy and so fun to shoot with and I'm extremely pleased with the pictures! And I got some the same night !!"

Miss K:

"Love working with Yoku! Always a professional and always makes sure to make the models feel comfortable. Quickly became a good friend in the model/photography community. Much love Yoku!!"

Miss L:

"Yoku is an absolute blast to work with--- he's just upbeat and fun to where you can get the best flow out of you, posing comes naturally. Definitely recommend."

About Jurai Media

Jurai Media is a Company That Specializes in Photography, Music, Art, Fashion and Film/Television, Founded By Raijphinai as an outlet in Music, It has expanded to more outlets in art and Entertainment and specializes with Others Among The other media, including Internet Entertainment. we are a production and development company located and founded in Toledo, Ohio with Networking reaching Arizona and Michigan.

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